Gillingham – Ingram Road

In 2002 we opened this nursery with only two children on role and since then the nursery has grown and the children have flourished to where we are now with 90 children currently on role.

We are participating in Medway’s Food and Nutrition Support Programme for Childcare Settings being delivered by the Children’s Food Trust, we’ve received accredited training on how to improve the food we provide and encourage children to eat well and make healthy choices.

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The nursery operates from an old school building and has three rooms for children’s use. The children are separated into age appropriate rooms and have equipment and resources available to them. Our ethos is that children lean through play and hands on activities as if you do something yourself you are more than likely to remember how to do it again than if someone does it for you.

The children’s wellbeing and involvement is our top priority along with their safety. We have installed a fingerprint entry system to ensure a safer place for your children to be. This only allows access to parents and carers registered with us, so you can pop in to see your child at play at any time that your child is with us. We want children to be happy and feel safe and secure.

For children under the age of two years old we offer a contact book to ensure good communication links exists between nursery and home. For our children over two year olds we offer a termly report updating you on your child’s progress and development with suggestions that you can do at home. We have recently build a conservatory to give the children free flow into are garden area giving them the opportunity to start making choices.

We supply healthy meals at Midday.

We really hope you like our nursery, although if you have any comments or suggestions we would welcome then we are continuously striving to improve the outcome for our children.