Mission statement

The importance of pre-school years in a child’s later development is widely recognised. Children at 1st Friends Day nursery will be encouraged to develop their own personalities and acquire the knowledge and skills which will be of value to them in the next phase of their formal education. It is our objective to help children in our care reach their full mental and physical potential. We aim to do this by: –

  • Providing a caring and stimulating environment where children are encouraged to explore, imagine, create + interact with other children + staff.
  • Instil social manners and respect for others by facilitating group activity but at the same time encourage children to be independent, polite and co-operative in a multi-cultural atmosphere.
  • Recognising that each child is an individual and that they develop at varying speeds.
  • Monitor the progress of each child at his or her various development stages and present a periodical report to the parent(s).
  • Closely liaise with parents to ensure that the complete welfare of the child is paramount at all times.
  • By ensuring that staff are available especially the key worker allocated to the child to discuss any concerns the parent(s) or guardians may have.
  • To provide a day book for each child so that daily feedback can be given at the end of each day.
  • Encouraging parents to be aware of all the policies/procedures in operation on all aspects of our nursery operations, and in particular the complaints procedure to raise any concerns they may have at the earliest opportunity in a timely and established manner.